10 September 2013

First Day of Homeschool!

Okay, this isn't really the first day of home school.  We've actually been home schooling for a couple of years now.  But this was the first day other children went off to a brick & mortar school, and mine didn't!  It's also the first year we're legally obligated to do anything, as home schoolers.  So how'd it go???  I've captured the day in pictures!

Oh yeah, did I mention my baby boy is in school now!!!  Max is starting Nazareth Nursery and Patrick will be finishing up this year.  The Plomin brothers are ruling the school!  The teachers reported that Max had a few melt downs the first day, but that he enjoyed work time and playing outside, and had 3 helpings of Ms. Alex's mushroom soup!

Monday was more 'city-schooling' than home schooling - I wanted to stay close to Nazareth in case of...well, I don't know, just 'in case.'  So we chilled in the car for a few minutes and did religion work until we could go without risking a parking ticket (*sigh* NYC).

Hm, someone found Mommy's tea and likes it! 

Oh yeah...Mommy also didn't pack any food for lunch and snacks.  Oh well!  Dunkin' Donuts sandwiches it is!  I feel bad going to DD, even if it was a donut-free trip, but hanging out in the West Village ain't cheap!  Sorry girls, I'm not paying $15 for a burger.

Came across a jazz band in Washington Park.  See Karol dancing?  Music Appreciation class!  The band members - who looked like they're probably students at nearby NYU - got a kick out of the girls groovin' to the beat.

Well, 'socialization' shouldn't be a problem.  Met this little girl named Mary Ann in the park playground within two minutes and then they were inseparable!

I guess that means Reagan's got to play by herself in the sand.  She didn't seem to mind.

After Mary Ann (Marianne?) left, Karol found this kid to play some swing-bumping game with.

Oh, and math.

Reagan took her sweet time falling asleep!  But finally she did, which freed me up to focus on math with Karol.

Yay, it's Starbucks-school!  This is the part of the day where I came up with the idea of giving Karol an M&M for each math problem she did.  I quickly realized that I needed to back it off to one M&M every five or six problems!  We blew through a couple days worth of math with that trick.

Today is day 2, and it's much calmer.  We came home to make an appointment to see a potential new apartment - in our same complex, just with one more room - then we knocked out some science and art activities, a handwriting lesson and a language lesson before snuggling on the couch to read another chapter of Through the Looking Glass.

It was only a few minutes later that Karol was napping on the couch.  She doesn't normally nap, but her allergies are really bad right now, so between the coughing wearing her out and the medicine making her drowsy, I'm glad she's getting the extra Z's!  Both girls are snoozing away, and as soon as they wake up, we're off to pick up the boys.

I hope Max is getting used to this new thing called school and the week continues to roll along smoothly!

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