07 September 2013

A New Way to Raffle

School doesn't even start until Monday, but...I've got RAFFLE TICKETS!!!

And guess what?  It's a whole new game this year, folks.  Look at these fancy new tickets!

Much snazzier than the old version, right?

It's also a new type of raffle.  The bad news?  They're a little more expensive, sort of, but not really.  The good news?  There's a ton more chances to win!  Here's how it works:
  1. Fill out the official entry stub and return it with a $20 donation to the school.  *If you're buying tix from me via paypal, obviously I'll do this part for you.*
  2. Checks should be made out to Nazareth Nursery School.
  3. Your entry will be eligible for ALL drawings once received.
  4. Starting October 1st and continuing daily thru October 31st, a winner will be drawn EVERY DAY!  The amount won will vary from day to day, with the last day ramping up to a $1,000 'Grand Goblin Prize' on Halloween!
  5. All winning tickets will be re-entered in the drawing box for the remaining drawings.  *So, if you're lucky, you could win more than once!*
Win anywhere from $25 to $1,000!!

In short - $20 = 31 chances to win!

If you'd like to support Nazareth Nursery, New York's oldest nursery school, and help me reach my (mandatory) fundraising goal of $200 (ahem, per kid), please message me, comment, or shoot me an email at jplomin[at]gmail.com - or you can go ahead and send $20 via Paypal at the same email address along with a note with your address and phone number.

Look, I even made a button!

So click it, donate, and win!!

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