18 December 2012

I Love...

Karol's letter writing campaign.  She's writing letters to everybody, and they're all so darn cute.  She always signs them "luve Karol Plomin."

Patrick's slightly flat hymn-singing.  He'll have a beautiful voice when it's trained.  He's only four, we'll give him a break.  It's like the angel choir to a mother's ears.

Maximilian's hilarious grammar and sentence construction.  Earlier today he said "I funny her!!"  He meant he was making Reagan laugh.  This is only about 25% of the time.  The rest of the time he's actually got impressively correct speech.

Reagan's sense of humor.  She's a riot, she really is, which reminds me of Patrick.  She's started to be a little booger, grabbing at my neck and face when she's in the carrier, then cracking up about it like she's just pulled some hilarious prank.  Also, she's recently been making this face where she opens her mouth as wide as she can - this is her 'can you believe that?' or 'isn't that funny?' face.  You can just tell.

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