06 October 2012

Days 5 & 6: Baby Clothes & Under The Bathroom Sink

As anyone with a child under 2 knows, sorting, organizing and purging baby clothes is literally a never-ending task.  I LOVE that I've had enough hand-me-downs from my nieces that I haven't had to buy a single thing for Reagan yet, but the constant shuffle of new stuff in and outgrown stuff out is just exhausting!  Last night I sat down (for probably the third or fourth time since her birth) and sorted out Reagan's clothes.

I'd been keeping them in one of those closet hanging shelves things, but I decided this time to use those 3-drawer carts instead - I got them for $5 each off craigslist - yay!  I've decided

As for the bathroom, the area under the sink was getting out of hand.  I used to just throw stuff in there and shut the door really fast so nothing would fall out.  To solve the problem, I bought a little lazy susan at Goodwill and rearranged some stuff.  I also moved the kids' toys out of this area.  I think I want to get a new bath toy holding device that keeps the toys in the tub but out of the way.  Let me know if you find something like that.

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