07 September 2012


Matt has a habit of 'storing' things so freaking high, there's no way I - the person using said things, often on a regular basis - can possibly reach them, then skipping off to "work," tralalalala, leaving me to spend precious time and energy struggling to retrieve such items.  In this instance, not only was the thing in question way too high, it was perilously close to a ledge that led all the way down to the floor behind a built-in cabinet.  

Now, I'm really wondering why the architect decided a three inch gap between the wall and cabinet was a better idea than, oh I don't know, three inches more cabinet space, but whatevs.  It's a mystery.

The following is Karol's photo documentary of the failed search and rescue attempt.  I've excluded about 40 pics of my rear end and another 40 pics of nothing in particular.

I bought 2 boxes of these candy necklaces at Michael's at 70% off for $.29 each for Karol's birthday goody bags.  I got one of them down, the other fell 8 feet down, behind/next to this cabinet in the kitchen.

See how high up that is?  Let me remind you, the candies weren't IN the cabinet, but ON TOP of it.  BEHIND a tub of baby bottles (one of those fell, too) and a box containing TWELVE bottles of wine that Matt bought - which is a whole other story in itself.  "Did she get down that box of wine from 8 feet high?" you ask.  Yeah, I did.

Desperate times...

Call for desperate measures...

Had to get a flashlight to see all the way to the bottom.

Gotta get out the broom and reach with the little hook on the end.

Aaaaand Mommy gives up.

Matt, hope you're prepared to dismantle that cabinet tonight, cuz that's what's happenin'.  T.G.I.F.

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