10 May 2012

Help Me Pick New Glasses!

My dear sweet Maximilian -

Broke my luxury brand favorite glasses frames ever.  So now I'm using an old pair I found in a junk drawer.  But Matt found a website called Warby Parker that markets stylish/hipster frames in a whole new way.

Here's how it works:

  1. You get on their website and pick out 5 frames you like, and they send them to you in the mail, for free.
  2. You get 5 days to try them on, show them to friends, see what you like.  They come in this super cute box:
  3. You send back the sample frames.
  4. Hop back online and buy the frames you liked the best.  If you need a prescription, you email it to them and they match it up with your order.
  5. Bata bing bata boom. You got glasses.
So I'm in the middle of this process now, and I've narrowed the selection from 5 to 3, and now I need some help choosing (I'm thinking I might get 2 pairs, too). 

Here are the finalists:

" Leigh"
"Nedwin" (these are green, the others are black)

I'm leaning toward getting two, because I think I'd regret not getting the green ones, but I might need something more conservative or might wear something that would clash with the  greenies.  So what do you think? 

And just for fun - here's the boys trying on a couple frames :)

Patrick is sporting "Uncle Ryan" frames, Max has the green 'Nedwin' ones.

1 comment:

  1. I think I like "Leigh" best. That's such a neat and GREAT idea. Did you have your baby?!