14 March 2012

My Superman Husband

It's been a looong but good day. The kids got up and out in a timely manner this morning. During Max's morning nap, I was able to wrap up most of our pictures and pack up all our desk/office/file stuff. Then we went to UPS to buy more bubble wrap and picked up lunch. We came home, wrapped more pictures, and then both of us took an afternoon nap. Matt brought the kids home, and we had an impromptu play date with the Searfoorce kids and pizza at the playground. And I'm totally dead after a day like that.

But tomorrow we are moving! Tomorrow is THE moving day! So that means its up to Matt to do all the rest of the packing - and there's still a ton to pack. I should also mention that aside from the 1.5 boxes I packed today, Matt's packed ALL our boxes. And there are 50.

My plan for tonight is to sit and watch Matt pack for the whole night. Well, I'll probably fall asleep early. The pregnancy related aches and pains are finally to the point that I'm calling it quits earlier and earlier in the day. My sweet husband has brought the rocking chair into the kitchen so I can hang out with him while he packs up the dishes. If only it didn't take being 8 months pregnant to get this kind of work out of him!


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  2. I can't wait to hear all about your new place! I hope it's perfect for your family right now.

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