08 March 2012

The Boxes Are Here!

This is it! We're moving in one short week! And the boxes have arrived!

Matt and I are starting to get really excited about this move. Obviously, so are the kids! So, we are totally upgrading with this apartment, so I thought I'd do another list:

Why I'm excited about our new apartment:
  • it has a dishwasher!
  • it's totally renovated and 'brand new' looking. That doesn't really matter much in reality, but it feels nice. Stainless steel appliances and all that.
  • there are 6 outlets at the kitchen countertop - hello crockpots!
  • it's not bigger, but at least it's not smaller!
  • rent is $350 LESS per month.
  • there are 2 Catholic churches, 3 grocery stores, a Goodwill, an express subway station WITH AN ELEVATOR and the post office right around the corner.
  • our whole building is stroller friendly - elevators all the way, no more stairs!
  • 24-hr security guards and a high iron fence surround the private courtyard.
  • the private courtyard has TWO playgrounds and a basketball court.
  • we have an excuse to buy a new couch and bed, both of which have been killing my back during this pregnancy, plus our bed is just too small.
  • if something is broken, we call the leasing office and they send a porter within 24 hrs - no more living with leaks on account of a crappy super.
  • The Bronx Zoo (which we have a membership to) is much closer, as is the Bronx Terminal shopping center which has two of my favorite places - Applebee's and Target (it's like a faux America).
Hopefully I'll find some other stuff to add to this list once we get settled. Now, on to packing. Matt's already packed most of the living room - on to the kitchen for me!

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