16 February 2012

So, Number 4! Is This 'It?'

I love the reaction on people's faces when I answer this question. I think they're expecting me to say "Oh yes! 4 is plenty!" but instead I say, "Eh, I could go for a couple more, sure." The look I get in response is not so much disapproval as much as shock and awe. It's almost like they can't possibly understand what it's like to be in my head, and they are amazed by my awesomeness at the same time. At least, that's how I interpret it.


  1. Hi Jill!! If you have a moment I was wondering if you could tell me what Catholic dvds your kids watch? Thanks!!!

  2. Sure! My kids LOVE the Brother Francis series. Max is watching "Let's Pray" right this moment, actually. You can buy it online here:

    http://notredamebookshelf.com - just search for "brother francis" in the search bar on the left.

  3. That was fast! :o) Thanks a bunch!!