12 January 2012

Prayers Work Fast

Yesterday I spent the day dragging Max all around downtown Manhattan looking at apartments that are closer to the kids school. I found two that I thought were really great and sent Matt after work to see them. One in particular really struck both our fancies.

And then came the great debate. Can we really afford this? The short answer is no, not right now. In one short month, however, there's a very good chance we could afford it easily, or even a different apartment that's even better/closer for similar money. But in a month, the apartment we are both now kind of day-dreaming about will most likely be gone. Short of a minor miracle, of course.

As what usually happens when we spend a great deal of time mulling over things and unable to come to a conclusion, we had an epiphany: this doesn't have to be our problem! Let's pray about it and see what God does. Every time we've done this in a serious way in the past, we've reaped great dividends, and avoided a great deal of stress. So this morning I sought out a couple of prayers to St. Joseph, patron saint of pretty much all things practical in life, like moving and career related stuff. I also happen to have a St. Joseph candle that I light every once in a while - it makes me feel like I'm not doing it all alone.

Then this morning happened. The leak in our bathroom - which recurs whenever the guy above us takes a long shower, I guess - was seriously threatening to cave in our ceiling when Matt went in to take a shower. We've been reminding the super about this for about 6 months. Matt got a little angry about it on the phone with him at 7am this morning. Then after I put Max down for his morning nap at 9, I noticed this had been slipped under the door:

In case you can't read it, it's a notice from the property manager saying that they will fine us if we keep our 40 lb stroller at the bottom of the stairs. I should note at this point that we made very sure we could keep it there before moving in, because it was the only condition under which I would be able to manage the 4th floor walk up. Apparently they lied, or changed the rules. Either way, I decided after reading this that we are definitely moving. Now. I expect God - and St. Joseph - will find a way.

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