19 January 2012

10 Things I Love About My Kids

I love...
  1. that Patrick is quick to say 'please,' 'thank you,' 'sorry,' and the like.
  2. that Karol is becoming as obsessed about following schedules as I am. I hope that sticks.
  3. Max's general constant cuteness. He's totally aware of it, and uses it to it's fullest potential.
  4. that they don't often make me feel compelled to beat the poo out of them (not that I would, of course).
  5. that Patrick loves to bake. We've discovered lots of new things to eat already and he only just turned 3.
  6. that they are all amazingly smart. Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since they have genius parents, obviously.
  7. that I miss K & P when they are gone at school. If I didn't I think I'd worry about that.
  8. that people stop us all the time to say how cute/well-behaved our kids are.
  9. Karol's funny dancing.
  10. Patrick's love of singing.
  11. Patrick's amazing ability to put together gazillion-piece puzzles.
  12. the way Max says "OVER!!!" whenever pretty much anything is over.
  13. how Max jabbers into the phone pretending to talk.
  14. how they can sometimes play together nicely for as much as 30 minutes without a push, scream or debate.
  15. how Max dances whenever music is playing.
  16. that Karol is old and smart enough to carry on a very intelligent conversation, but still young enough to believe pretty much everything I say.
  17. that Karol and Patrick will still cuddle with me.
  18. that for the most part my kids aren't that picky about food.
  19. that they command Matt to stay at the front door after work everyday so that they can all run down our skinny hallway to throw themselves at him together in one giant hug.
  20. that they jump up and yell "Mommy!" with big smiles on their faces every single time I pick them up from school.

1 comment:

  1. This makes me smile! Thanks for sharing! I think my Valentine to myself, and my hubby, is to write a list like this on!0) When my son is all grown up, I'll read it to him! (Maybe he'll make one about me some day!)