19 January 2012

10 Things I hate about New York City

I hate...
  1. that decent babysitters start at $20 hr and charge $5/hr more if you have more than 2 kids.
  2. that everything costs money. There are no free activities whatsoever.
  3. that groceries are twice as expensive.
  4. that there are no typical American fast food chains. Taco Bell is at least a 30 minute commute. And then it costs twice as much there, too.
  5. that I can't have a car (a.k.a. freedom to get the hell out into America once in a while).
  6. that seeing rats and cockroaches is a common occurrence.
  7. that there are no elevators in 95% of the subway stations.
  8. that family and friends are so far away.
  9. that we spend all our vacations working our @$$es off to see family, and spend about $2,000 in travel expense just to do it.
  10. that everything below 14th street is impossible to navigate because the street plan is FUBAR. And that's where all the good touristy stuff to see is.

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