19 January 2012

10 Things I Hate about My Apartment

I hate...
  1. the leak in my bathroom that started dripping on my head while I was in the shower this morning - which is a rare occurrence in itself.
  2. the four flights of stairs I have to climb/haul toddlers up to get to it.
  3. the $800 stroller & stroller gear parked in my bedroom, completely blocking my closet and not being used, because the landlord is a $%@# who decided we can't park strollers in the lobby.
  4. paying 5 times as much in rent as I would for an equivalently crappy apartment in Indiana.
  5. the 2 hour round trip commute to the kids' school I have to make every day.
  6. doing the dishes by hand 2-3 times a day because there is no dishwasher and because there's no counter space.
  7. the constant noise - traffic, loud music from rude neighbors, children screaming in other apartments and mothers screaming back at them, often very abusively.
  8. the 24 inch wide hallway that makes it impossible for two people (especially a pregnant person) to pass.
  9. the broken toilet seat that moves whenever you're too far one direction or another.
  10. the general tiny-ness, pretty much everywhere except the living room.

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