24 October 2011


Yesterday was Sunday, and we spent a large chunk of the day in a (rented) car, headed back from a fun weekend visit with Uncle Joe and Aunt Judy in Maryland. You'd think this would be torture and, while 5-6 hours in a car with 3 car seats crammed in the back is not my idea of a party, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been. I have 3 amazingly laid back kids (although Maximilian is becoming something of a bossy-pants, like his sister) and one of which I was most especially proud of yesterday.

I've always said that Patrick - my first boy and middle child - has a naturally kind-hearted, giving spirit, and never was that more obvious than during yesterday's car trip. When Karol or Max wanted a drink, he would offer them his before I could even respond. When we ran out of cheese sticks and Max wanted more, Pat gave him the rest of his, without even being asked. Patrick is the type of child who will hold hands with his baby brother to help him calm down for a car-nap.

At home, I know I can count on him to take things to other family members if I ask, to wipe up a spill or pick up things. And if someone drops something, he'll actually get upset if they don't let him pick it up for them. Not angry upset, but the kind of upset that makes you feel so sorry for him!

This is extremely ODD behavior for a 2 year old!

Back to yesterday's car-ride, Matt and I were so impressed with Patrick's loving behavior that Matt pulled him aside before bedtime and gave him a couple of M&Ms (a pretty major treat at our house) for being so helpful, kind and well-behaved on the trip and told him how proud he was of him.

All of my children have obvious God-given traits and talents, but I don't know if anything stands out more than Patrick's amazingly kind-hearted personality.


  1. And he's cute to boot!!! :o) Our middle has a similar personality though not nearly so pronounced as Patrick's.

  2. haha, it's funny. I was a middle child, but a mean one!