28 October 2011

The Paci Fairy

Today is a momentous day. It is the day our four year old gives up her Paci.

We've tried about a million different ways to do this; this time we're letting someone else handle it.

When we returned from school today, Karol found a letter taped to her door from the Paci Fairy:
Dear Karol,
I am the Paci Fairy. Since you are a big girl now, I have taken your pacifier to give to new babies that need pacis. If you are a very good girl over the next few days, I will bring you a special present for being so good and going to sleep without your pacifier.
Love, The Paci Fairy
Karol was a little distraught over this, but the promise of a gift made her feel a little bit better. In fact, Karol wrote back to the Paci Fairy:

Dear Paci Fairy,
I am so memorized (mesmerized) with you. I would like you to bring a Rapunzel doll from Target, please.
Love, Karol

Yeah, she told the Paci Fairy what to bring. That's okay. I'd buy her a friggin' pony if this thing worked!

After a bit of a rough night the first night (which Daddy heroically tended to), we're on night two and Karol went to bed and fell fast asleep with not even a peep! If this keeps up, she'll have her new doll by Tuesday!

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