26 August 2011


What an insanely 'productive' morning the kids and I had today...we got out of the house at 8:30am. That's 8:30 in the morning. But that's not all, we ran pretty much every hurricane-preparation errand on my list.

First stop: Duane Reade drug store for toiletries and batteries for flashlights (and toys).

Second stop: Michael's Crafts store for crafty activities while we're stuck inside.

Third stop: Playground! There's a pretty nice playground on the way to the grocery, and since I needed the grocery store to be the last stop, I wanted them to get some play time, especially if we aren't going to be able to hit the park for the next couple of days. We'll probably do a nature walk after naptime, too, just to get a little more in.

Fourth stop: Associated Supermarkets to stock up on food. Typical grocery trip: $15-35. This one: $130. To be fair I bought a lot of non-perishables that I just wasn't sure if we had enough of already. The kids were really horrible (by my standards, at least). I don't know how many older folks laughed when I said things like "get out of the rice!" and "Your behavior is horrible, there's no way you kids deserve ice cream" and "stop grabbing things, stop grabbing things, stop grabbing things!"

They didn't get ice cream, which led to Karol crying half the way home, but I did get popsicles (on sale) for future good behavior bribery (in the freezer now, hopefully the power won't go out because then I'd have to give them to them whether they behaved or not, because I can't let them go to waste).

Now we're finally back home, the fridge and freezer and cabinets are totally stocked, and we're ready to weather the storm.

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  1. Stay safe!! And have fun with the crafts. I love crafts from Michael's and JoAnn's.