21 August 2011

My BFF Babies

OMG. Karol and Patrick were SO CUTE tonight, I nearly cried from laughter. Here's how my evening went.

I returned home as Matt was doing bedtime. It took me at least two minutes to unlock the door, because Matt had locked EVERY lock, including the chain lock, so I still couldn't get in. I ring the bell. He walks by and says "I'm putting Max to sleep" and doesn't unlock the door. Karol and Patrick followed him out, though, and started talking to me through the crack.

I see a face, and an arm, and assumed they went together (they didn't). After a few seconds I realized I was holding Karol's hand and hearing her voice, and seeing Patrick's laughing eyes peering around the door. And he has Karol's (clean) underwear on his head. 'Do you have undies on your head?!' I say, in an aren't-you-silly voice. Karol giggles and says 'they're bonnets!' They're both wearing them.

Matt's holed himself up in Max's room, which seems pointless since we're making noise right outside his door, so I stick my hand in and manage to unlock the chain lock from the outside (yeah, that's worrisome) and let myself in. I hush the kids and usher them in to finish their bedtime, which they are clearly too energetic to be ready for.

We read four Bible stories, because Karol's logical argument that we should read all the Elijah stories together was a good one (we normally do two), and I let them keep the underwear on their heads to bed because, well, I pick my battles.

After I do the standard set of prayers - Apostle's Creed, Hail Mary, Our Father, Oh My Jesus, Glory Be, Hail Holy Queen, and the bedtime prayer (yeah, I put them through all those - one of my New Year's resolutions was to drill the rosary prayers into them), they do their 'special prayers' which are the free-style, from the heart version. I'm pretty proud of their ability to grasp the concept, and it just might be the most adorable thing you can possibly hear on this whole earth. Karol did a very nice special prayer, and Patrick thanked God for "Max, Patrick (yes, himself), Mommy, Karol, Max (again), Daddy, and Teddy." Then they cozied up in their beds, with no intentions of sleeping.

20 minutes later they both emerge, 'bonnets' still atop their heads, asking for drinks. I deliver water, only to discover that they've both crawled into Karol's bed together (the top bunk) and are "camping." I let it go because it's just too cute and because this is the stuff memories are made of, and hopefully they'll 'bond,' plus if Patrick's sleeping with Karol, he's not sleeping with me. I just hope they'll fall asleep before me.

Looks like they did.


  1. Your cute story inspired me: the next time Charles asks if Monica can sleep with him I'm going to say yes. We stick to routine pretty steadfastly around here, but it would be good for everyone to toss routine out every once in awhile to make memories instead. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Yep, K & P are going thru a sort of stage I guess. Usually we are pretty strict about each baby in their own bed, but they share a room, so I figure they'll just get together anyway.

  3. Also I don't have your email, but I wanted to ask about the Catholic kid stuff you use. I know you've mentioned some videos and rosary stuff on facebook before. I meant to get that information before I signed off. Could you tell me what it is? Thanks!!