09 July 2011

Max Walks!

It has happened! And totally out of the blue. Earlier today, just for something to do, I said "hey let's practice walking," and handed Max to Matt then sat a few feet away on the floor. Considering we had never played this game before, I wasn't expecting much. Much to our surprise, however, Max took off from Matt's fingers and took a good three and a half to four steps all the way to my outstretched arms!

We were shocked! After doing it again a couple of times, Max was over it and moved on to other activities.

I'm so glad Matt got to witness his first steps.

Go Max!

1 comment:

  1. It's a real shame that we weren't prepared for it at all! No cameras, no videos; just two happy parents and three happy kids. I'm so glad that Karol and Patrick were able to see it and clap and cheer along with us!