25 May 2011

The Princess's New Clothes

It's that time of year again - the winter/summer closet clean out.

I'm in the midst of this project now, and have made some disturbing discoveries, such as:
  • None of my clothes from any season really fit (thanks a lot, Max). I have no intention of buying anything new, either, since I'm still not back to post-Patrick/pre-Maximilian shape, which is my goal. Therefore, I may not be leaving the house much.
  • Karol has no summer clothes. Literally. She has one dress that 'works' for now from the fall. Since Karol turned 3 in September and she's pretty svelte anyway, she wore 2T clothes all last year. So we need to do a shopping spree for summer gear for K like NOW as it's 80 degrees and rising! We're skipping 3T altogether and going to 4T. Hopefully some of it will still fit next summer.
  • Patrick has more clothes than anyone else in the house. I'm not sure how this happened. I think it's partially due to my constant anxiety that Karol, being the girl, naturally has why more clothes (although in reality that's not the case). Thanks to Pat's poochy belly, he's been in 3T since last summer, and it still fits perfectly fine - yay!
  • Max will never, ever need new clothes, and soon Pat & Max's clothes will be interchangeable. He's already into 18m and he's only 10 months old!
  • I may as well put a permanent line for Matt's shoes in the budget, because he goes through them like water and they are frickin' expensive! I hate, hate, hate shoe shopping for/with Matt. It's impossible to get something he likes or that fits without him there.
So, I just wanted to share these wonderful new developments. Now I'll go back to boxing sweaters.

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