15 April 2011

Nap Time Cold War

So I just laid Maximilian down for his mid-day nap, basically wide awake.

This is unusual for us since he normally is out cold just from nursing, but recently he seems to have been outgrowing nursing himself to sleep. He's gotten very good at sleeping in his crib, he seems to 'get' it.

I know he's tired, and he knows he's tired...but he's not falling asleep. I laid him in his crib and stood next to him for a bit, waiting to see if he would wail, but he didn't. He just started looking around. Then he started to play coy, making a funny noise and then smiling. He's deliberately trying to make me laugh, the little imp! So I decided to just leave.

I shut the door behind me and waited right outside. Nothing. Now I'm sitting at the table, monitor close by, listening to him wiggle around. Why he isn't crying, I'm not sure. If feels like there's a weird tension, as if we're both waiting for the other to make a move.

Chances are, he'll pull himself up to standing and get stuck there, then call for me...we'll see...

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