03 June 2010

The Men in My Life: Patrick & Daddy

I am really amazed to see such a transformation in the relationship between Matt and Patrick. Probably imperceptible to them, I can see that Patrick has grown so deeply attached to Matt in the short time that Matt has been with the kids day in and day out. I think Patty will definitely remain a mama's boy at the core, but the bond between father & son is already so strong.

When Matt left for New York last summer, I think we were both a little worried that he and Pat would miss out on some relationship building. In actuality, Patrick was probably too young to notice that Matt was only around on the weekends, and the time they spend together now is far more valuable than the time that was missed last summer. The quiver in Patrick's lip when Matt leaves the room even for a few minutes or the way his face lights up when he sees him first thing in the morning, it's so precious.

It really makes me happy to see how natural and loving Matt and the kids are. I'm almost a little worried that they'll be sad when he's the one going away to an office every day!

On top of being stay-at-home Dad, Matt's pulling more than his fair share after hours, too, thanks to Max putting me out of commission a good deal more than Karol or Patrick did. I'm really looking forward to meeting this kid face to face and giving my internal organs a little more space!

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