23 June 2010

Breech Baby - The Webster Technique

So ever since Max decided to be a butt, I've been looking into ways to flip him around, and one of the most legitimate looking methods is chiropractic care. I've had back issues that have progressively worsened over the three pregnancies, and according to a bunch of internet sources, spine/sacrum/pelvis can put undue strain on the uterus, which is attached with ligaments to these bones.
The Webster Technique is a specific 'adjustment' a chiropractor does to pop these things back in place and lessen the tension on those ligaments, thus giving the baby more freedom to move. I'm hoping firstly that this will end or seriously curb the lower back pain I've had off and on for 3 years and secondly give Max some room to flip around.
So I had my first adjustment this morning, and while walking is still a challenge (Max is definitely still breech) I think I feel a little better in that my back certainly doesn't hurt. I go back in two days to do other adjustments if necessary. Hopefully Max will turn head down in the next few days!
In the meantime, I hope to do some pool floating and belly rubbing, and maybe get a manicure/pedicure...
In other news, I just got a Baby Center email today telling me "your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds..." ha! try nearly 6 pounds - that could be part of why his being breech is causing me so much (pelvic) stress!

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