09 May 2010

Mother's Day 2010 and "Babies" Movie

Today started out early (6:45ish), with a cranky Miss K coming into our bedroom to cozy up with us. She had a terrible time Saturday with napping (she did, but the timing was off) and sleeping (going through a getting up over and over again phase), and now she (and therefore Matt and I) was paying for it with a night of restless sleep. We all finally rolled out of bed a little after 7.

Matt managed to keep the kids at bay (he locked the bathroom and bedroom doors) while I took a shower. I really wanted to wash my hair and shave my legs today, since both were seriously overdue. Even on a good day, I usually have to choose between the two. Luckily when I'm pregnant my hair doesn't need to be washed more than every other day, and is really fine every third day, if I'm sporting a ponytail. Can't get away with that non-pregnant!

So after getting dressed and ready, I emerged to find Karol and Patrick up and at it and Matt made cinnamon rolls for breakfast - from scratch! I wanted to make 9am Mass, so there was no dilly-dallying with dressing and feeding the babes - but we still didn't make it to St. Charles until all the parking spots were taken, and we'd surely have to sit in the upper room.

Since parking was impossible, Matt saw that first communion was going on, and the kids actually do better downstairs in the main area rather than upstairs where kids can be more free, we decided to move to plan B - detour to Barnes & Noble and the Clarendon play area (although it was really too cold for that this morning) for an hour and a half. I'd planned on killing some time there after Mass anyway, so we just flipped the two. We picked up a new book I serendipitously found called 'Hello, New York City' and made 11am Mass easily with time to spare.

Patrick slept the all the way up to benediction!

When Mass was over, though, I was STARVING. So we went to Applebee's - mommy's secret obsession. We haven't been going out to eat much, so this was a big deal! After that, it was home for nap time. Mommy and daddy have not been doing nap time well recently. I don't know if our timing is off, or if we just aren't getting the routine right, or what, but the past two weekends we've totally failed at napping. Today, Karol didn't even take one. I settled for spending about an hour of 'quiet time' together, and that was it.

After a post-nap time snack, we headed to the Ballston Mall to catch a new movie. This is a pretty huge deal, in my opinion. I can count on one hand how many movies I've seen since K was born, with fingers to spare. And on the occasion I do see a movie, it's usually been out a while. But I started seeing the online buzz a couple of weeks ago for the movie "Babies" that opened this weekend, and was brave enough to take a 2.5 year old and a 16 month old to a movie that runs 1hr 20 min, in a theatre full of other people.

They actually did amazingly well. The movie has no real dialog, no narration, just a visual documentary. We sat way down front so the kids' chatting wouldn't be too noticeable, and generally they just made comments about what was going on on-screen. I was particularly impressed with Patrick's observations during the film. He was really watching the movie. And whenever an animal, food or other object popped up that he recognized, he pointed and said the name. So many words he's picked up! Banana, cows, dog, bird, baby, cat, cars...and the list goes on.

On the way home, in fact, Patrick said "please!" Can you believe it? He was asking for his drink (we could tell by his gesture) but since he's picked up on our insistence that Karol "ask nicely" for things, he said "please" without ever having been prompted! I was floored. I made sure to point out to Karol what he had said, and that he knew to say that because of her good example. She really enjoys being 'big sister' and when we note the ways she's 'big' and helpful, it encourages her, I think.

Karol was getting cranky after the movie and nearly fell asleep on the short car ride home, so bedtime was actually pretty smooth - for Matt. I got special dispensation from bedtime duties on account of the special holiday.

But I still had one baby left to take care of - Max! He was hungry! So I scavenged all the days leftovers and topped it off with some raspberry sorbet...but now I'm thinking little Maximilian wants a bowl of cereal too...

All in all it was another fantastic Mother's Day. Even though Matt was out of town last year, Mother's Day was especially good in 2009, too. I stop to think about how lucky I am to have these amazing, wonderful kids all the time, but on Mother's Day I try to really take the whole day just to appreciate the great family I've got. It's really all about them, and that's what makes it enjoyable. I think that puts me in the right mood for a 'special' day no matter what.

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