01 March 2010

Mommy Blogging from The Sears-er-Willis Tower

How did I not get this memo??? I'm in the Windy City and have an extra hour or two (in and out with the TA-50 drop off by 8:30, yay!) so I thought I'd take the opportunity to walk around my favorite city for a while. I go to the Sears Tower to go to the sky deck (despite the cloudy day...) and it says "Willis Tower" on it! I thought I was in bizarro world where cream cheese is ketchup and metal is now rope. Now can the Sears Tower NOT be the Sears Tower? Furthermore, how could I have MISSED IT?? Nobody thought this was interesting enough to shoot my an email? Come on!

So anyway, the drop off at the 416th went splendidly, and I'm excited to be c

oming home to my family in just a few hours. Unfortunately, my phone is kaput and I left my GPS at home, too. So I had to go by Mapquest and memory to get into and around the city.

Next stop - Midway airport, then home to my babies!

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