12 March 2010

Mentally Prepping for Baby Number Three

When you already have two little toddlers, it's easy to go for days without really realizing that there's going to be a teeny tiny baby again soon.  But just the other night I was starting to feel the need for another little one.  

It's really weird sleeping through the night without having to tend to anyone's needs.  Now that Pat and Karol sleep like logs all the way through, and have for a while, the novelty of it has worn off, and I miss that feeling of being 'needed.'  Am I crazy?  Yes.  I know that once baby #3 arrives, I'll be missing these calm, peaceful nights.  But still, it just feels weird.  I almost worry that something's wrong and go in and check on them in the middle of the night, just to make sure.

Anyway, I decided to hop on YouTube and browse through the videos of the kids as infants.  Here's a good one:

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