17 March 2010

Matt's Stepping Up

I have to take a moment to talk about my husband. 

Matt has really stepped up this time around.  Not that he hasn't in the past two pregnancies, of course, but this time I'm a lot more needy.  This baby is really draining me, mentally and physically.  On top of working full time still, I am in the middle of my very last class for my Masters program. 

Matt has picked up bedtime duties, probably 90% of the housework, drop off and pick up at childcare (I usually go to get them, but can't lift Patrick that much any more so he comes with), and most of the morning routine, too.  When I nudge him I can usually get a foot or back rub, and he's even doing well at making me feel like I'm not horribly fat and ugly - a common side effect of having your belly go from rock to rubber.  He's really making my job easier. 

The down side of the situation is that I feel a little out of touch with my kids.  I miss having the energy to run around with them, and the strength to pick them up, especially Patrick.  It doesn't help that he's bigger, but he's still such a little baby.  He loves his Mama, and he loves to be held and carried.

All in all, there aren't words to describe how grateful I am for such a supportive and loving hubby.  Thanks to God for giving me such a great guy.

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