10 January 2010

NYC, I Give You Fair Warning

Well a lot has happened since I last wrote. Matt and I are officially taking the plunge and moving to the Big Apple, the Empire State. Yep, good ole NYC. I'm not talking about living in New Jersey or the boroughs either. We are moving to FRICKIN MANHATTAN. Or at the very least, Queens.

So, we're relocating from our posh Arlington apartment right next door to the greatest job I've ever had, down the street from the best child care provider you could ever hope to have for your kids, in a neighborhood just minutes away from Costco, Pentagon City Mall, the national monuments, historic Georgetown and my beloved cupcakes, to a place where we are going to be starting all over, the taxes are highest in the country, in an undoubtably much smaller apartment. I'm getting used to the idea.

Matt's job is going to be great for him. He'll be an Associate in Institutional Asset Management for Deutsche Bank. He loves the group he's working with; they're the same one he worked with over the summer. It's what he's always wanted to do and he's gonna go far, I just know it.

As for me, it's up in the air. There's a very good chance I'll go back to political consulting (2010 is shaping up to be excellent for real Republicans), and maybe start a new thing consulting small business. The job market is rich in NYC for ad/pr, so I could always do a 9-5 again, too. After the baby is born, that is.

What? A baby? Another baby? Didn't you just have one?

Yeah, I did. And we're going to have number three sometime mid-August, probably at the Eli and Abby Manning Birthing Center in the Village (thank God we still have a Manning!).

My belly right now.

My belly 8 months after Patrick. *sigh* C'est la vie.

Once we made the decision that we are indeed moving, all the other decisions had to be made. Luckily, my search for the perfect pre-school (for Karol only, for now) was a quick one. There's actually a Catholic Montessori (exactly what I wanted) right smack in the West Village that is quite affordable. We haven't visited or anything yet, but I did make a call. Hopefully we can run up there sometime in March to check the place out and get Karol enrolled. I've heard how awful New York private school admissions can be, but I think this school is an exception.

That decision led to the next one: Where to live? West Village is pretty 'up and coming' we've heard, and the subway right by the pre-school goes straight to Matt's office. It's also a little more neighborhood-ish than living in East Midtown where Matt will be working. There will be (a little) more access to shops, restaurants, and other necessary places. We're hoping to find something close to Washington Park.

Another option is Astoria (part of Queens). It's more affordable, and if we stay close to the subway line it'd be just as easy a commute as West Village for Matt, but a little further down the line for Karol's school.

It's way too early to know anything though.

The giant elephant problem with moving to NYC is that it's NOT a kid-friendly place to live. And it's not a parent-friendly place to live. Everything I see online about living in New York talks about the 'awesome night-life' and great places for grown ups to go by themselves. We don't HAVE a night-life. I'm lucky to get a day-life with 2 kids 2 and under. Oh wait, make that 3 under 3! I swear if I read another article or post about how great it is to be single and responsibility-free in New York I will scream.

Oh well. Maybe Matt will get a huge bonus and we'll be able to afford a babysitter once in a while. Until then, nose to the grindstone.


  1. Hey, again, more than happy to take a weekend off here and there and come play babysitter so you guys can run off for some free time. You'll only be a short China town bus ride away, after all. :)

  2. So I am totally psyched about #3! We haven't found out gender yet, but I'm happy about giving Karol and Patrick a brother or sister. They have such a good relationship with each other, and I just know that they're going to be thick as thieves with #3. I'm not looking forward to having them gang up on us as teenagers!

    I'm a little more excited about moving to New York than Jillian. It's true that you only hear about how it's so fabulous to be single and fabulous in NYC. But I've heard that it's also getting better for families. Births in New York have increased by 30% in recent years (one of the reasons that it's so tough to get kids into nursery school). Good thing that Karol is such a genius - she can get into the schools and the siblings get automatically admitted!

    Saw a good movie recently about how tough it is to get kids into nursery schools - Nursery University. Take a look on Amazon. Good online rental for only $2.99.

    I'm confident that we'll do NYC well, and that Jillian's stomach will recover. We have great friends and family who are very supportive. We just wish we could be closer to them.


  3. I'm sure Karol's siblings will be plenty genius enough on their own, Matthew!

  4. Sneaky girl! You told me about NY, but you never told me about the baby! We're due at the same time! Congrats on both the move and the wee one. :o)