19 December 2009

Boys Stink

When my younger brother Will would have a friend or two over and they took over the living room with their sleeping bags and video games, it was only a matter of a few hours before the room would have a distinct smell of boys. And not a good kind of smell.

Apparently, this stinky phenomenon starts at around 9 months, and never goes away. Patrick sweats like crazy when he's sleeping, and after I transferred him to his own bed last night, I was hit by that icky boy odor smack in the middle of my bed.

Here's what is so confusing: Karol sweats just as much as Patrick ever has, but she's never stunk up the room the way that boy can. What physiological trait do boys have that makes them so noxious?

It's grossing me out, and making me reconsider my dream of having lots of boys.

This post by Manic Motherhood is the only thing keeping my hope alive that one day Patrick will stop stinking. At least some of the time. Until then, I'm bathing him in the strongest lavendar scented Johnson's baby shampoo available.

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