29 November 2009

Karol, Potty Training Pro

The potty chart is full of stickers. The training potty is a permanent fixture in our 2nd bathroom. And diapers are pretty much a thing of the past (well, except at bed time). I'm declaring Karol officially potty trained. Of course, there are and will be accidents, but in general, she let's us know when she gets the urge - "I have to peepee!" - she can pee on demand most times, and she usually stays dry during naps. The potty is a way of life for us.

I think I mentioned earlier that we planned to do the 3-day potty training program, and that's basically what we did, give or take a couple things. I must say I was surprised, but it worked pretty much like the article suggests.

There's a big myth about potty training, however, that I think needs to be cleared up right now. Having a toddler that goes in the potty is not easier than changing diapers. When a toddler needs says she needs to pee, it has to be taken care of right now. With diapers, you have a general idea of your child's 'schedule,' but you don't have to attend to a wet diaper the minute it happens. And sure, poop goes in the toilet now, but you still have to do the wiping.

For a mom that needs to actually accomplish stuff with toddlers in tow, potty training does make things more difficult.

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