23 October 2009

Oh Blogger, I Miss You...

Well I've been a terrible blogger lately. I have about a million pictures of the kids I need to upload, there's a post in my drafts about Karol's potty training that is just waiting for a pic to be published, and only about 18,382,945 things have happened since I last updated all (2) of my loyal readers.
  1. I finished my Ethics in PR class, and Monday I start an Applied Research class.
  2. Matt is also starting second module, which is going to be an even heavier class load than first module.
  3. Karol is potty training - dedicated post forthcoming.
  4. Patrick is starting to sleep through the night in his own bed (as opposed to ending up in our bed sometime around 3am)
  5. I've become addicted to the rush of good TV that's being made, including The Middle, Modern Family, and Glee, and still hooked on old faves like Biggest Loser. Supernanny returns tonight, and I'm waiting for The Bachelor to start up again. I just found out Jake Pavelka will be the next Bachelor, and that is the main reason I'm going to watch again! Sadly, TV is my secret luxury - but not when the kids are up! Thank God for DVR.
I promise I'll get that potty post up soon! But that's all for now.

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