14 October 2009

All Aboard The Potty Train!

After months and months of mental preparing Karol for the move from diapers to potty, it's finally time. Elmo's Potty Time and the Baby Signs Potty Training videos, along with observation and demonstration from Mommy, have laid the foundation of knowledge and interest...so now it's on.

We (okay, Mommy) decided to do the 3 days or less potty training method. Since this past weekend was a holiday (Columbus day off) we locked the family in the house and started first thing Saturday morning.

If was rough at first, mainly because Matt and I weren't giving it 100%. But it only took a few of times catching Karol before she went and getting some peepee into the potty for her to realize that going peepee in the potty is AWESOME.

We are also using a sticker chart as motivation, which is really what got the ball rolling. That girl loves stickers, and loves putting them on the chart!

It's now Wednesday, and besides at night and during her naps, Karol has been completely diaper free for five days! Monday we went for a nice long stroll in the morning, and yesterday we made a trek all the way to the library and home - with no accidents!

What we've learned about potty training:

1. A positive attitude (for Mommy and Daddy, that is) is critical
2. Accidents really are okay
3. Ornate stickers and a fun jump 'n' jive celebration dance after going potty seal the deal on the potty being fun
4. It's harder on the potty trainer than it is on the potty trainee.

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