17 September 2009


It's been too long since I've written anything, so I figured I'd give my thousands of readers (ha, ha) an update on the Arlington Plomins.

Matt's back in school full swing taking primarily night classes. He's also the program's Economics tutor now, so he spends some time during the day helping other students out with test prep and that sort of thing. He's probably going to get an internship as well, hopefully only working 20 or so hours a week. It's SO nice to have Matt back at home, but the night classes are rough for all of us.

Karol is talking up a storm, and is in the emotional crazy phase known as the 'terrible twos.' They are more 'terrific' than 'terrible' though so far. She is big into "loves" "hugs" and "kisses." Matt and I are both eating it up when she says "I want to hold you!" Typically what she means is 'I want to get out of my high chair,' but it's still so sweet. She always gets lots of 'loves' then. She's also taken to giving Patrick "loves," but he's none too thrilled about it. He tolerates it at best, and starts crying at worst. We generally try to redirect the 'loves' to Mommy or Daddy.

Patrick is cruisin' like he's in the Applewood parking lot (if you were from Anderson, you'd get that). And he's very good at it. He will be walking any day now, surely. He's also firmly reluctant to say 'Mama.' He's not big on talking yet, and no matter how hard I try, he just grins at me when I say "Mama! Say, Mama!" It's becoming his favorite game.

On the eating front - he is almost ready to go pro! He had a few Cheerios this morning, and last night he sucked down a good bit of pureed carrots. He's already demanding to do it himself, but he's actually not that bad with a spoon. He gets it to his mouth really well.

As for me, I'm mid-way through my second to last class before my final capstone project for my Masters. This week I attended Advertising Week DC, and it was really informative. I'm back at work now and trying to catch up on work, housecleaning, homework and parenting (sigh). I have been feeling kind of terrible lately because I have not read to Patrick nearly as much as I do with Karol. Patrick gets short-changed in almost every other aspect, too. I'd like to say it's because I don't have the time, but that's not true. The opportunity is there, I just haven't been putting forth the effort to do it (with Patrick, it's an effort - he's more concerned with eating the books right now). And since Patrick and Karol are so different, the books we read to Karol really don't 'work' on Pat.

Okay, enough complaining! So there's your update. Hopefully I'll have some new pics or videos next time.

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