21 September 2009

Chris Cooley Is My Tight End

In fantasy football, at least. And with Mr. Cooley bringing me like 15 points last week, I won handily. This week I'm facing Team Tanselle and that looks to be another win! I think I might be pulling into the lead for the first time EVER.

My strategy? Top secret. But on to more important things. Chris Cooley, as it turns out, has a blog here on blogger that is way more interesting than football (to me). I highly recommend it, and will be following it myself, at least through football season and probably beyond that as well.

In other news, I had the opportunity to watch CC do Washington Post Live during Advertising Week DC. If you can find the video clip (I can't), you can totally spot the back of my head on the bottom of the shot.

I do have a bone to pick with CC though. No, I'm not going to critique his football skills or tell him he should be doing drills 24/7 like some of the 'fans' that comment on his blog. This is about his upstart clothing line. I know I'm stating the painfully obvious to everyone else reading this (all two of you), but HELLO? Where is the CC47 baby gear? How about maternity wear? And I don't even have to mention that the shirt I want is kinda pricey.

Sure, there's the traditional kids' size Redskins jersey you can buy at Target or online, but what about authentic Chris Cooley gear? Come on, Cooley! Get with the program! What if I were 8 months pregnant like I was last season??? What am I supposed to wear??? An over-sized football jersey will make me look like a giant tent!

So there's my tip of the day for number 47.

Oh yeah, and the Redskins won yesterday, so - Yay!

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