27 August 2009

Matt Plomin's Awesome Chicken Soup

So I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and was whining that I was STARVING today since I hadn't eaten anything - at all - so Matt made me chicken soup out of stuff in the cupboards and fridge and it is bar none the best chicken soup I've ever tasted! He didn't write it down (he did it on the fly) so I'm going to try and capture it from his description of how he made it:

2 chicken breasts
Olive oil
Minced garlic
4 c water (approx)
Dried parsley
Onion powder
Pinot grigio vinegar
Frozen peas & carrots mix

Slice 2 chicken breasts into small cubes.
Lightly flour with bisquick, salt and pepper.
Brown in olive oil in 2 quart pot.
Add garlic and brown garlic.
Add water.
Add 1.5 TBS dried parsley, ts thyme, 1/2 ts oregano, 3/4 ts onion powder, salt & pepper to taste, and a dash of pinot grigio vinegar.
Add 1/2-3/4 c. frozen peas & carrots
Let simmer until wife's complaining is intolerable. Serve room temp (for people who just got their teeth pulled).

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