03 August 2009

The Home Stretch

We're officially in the final stretch of this summer's New York internship for Matt. Thank goodness! We've actually learned to cope quite well, but ALL of us miss him SO MUCH.

This weekend Karol showered Matt with kisses and hugs saying "I love you too Daddy!" and "Big kiss!" and "Big hug!" It was a tear-jerkingly adorable game to play. When Matt and I had to walk out the door to take him to the bus pick-up, Matt said "Bye-bye, Karol, Daddy's going back to New York," Karol backed away and tossed herself on the couch. "I think she knows what that means." Matt said. I think she does too. The good news is, that's the last time he'll have to say it. Next weekend we are visiting him in the Big Apple - family road trip! And the weekend after that we are meeting up in Indiana for Aunt Abby's big day!

Patrick is funny and always the upbeat, optimistic, happy-go-lucky baby boy. About a month ago, Patrick started saying dada (well it sounds like 'dar dar dar dar,' really) when Matt was home one weekend. He pretty much stopped saying it until Friday. On Fridays I start to make a big deal that "Daddy's coming home!" So when the phone rang and it was Matt, Pat started saying his 'dar dar dar dar!' He was ecstatic to get his fill of active play over the weekend; plenty of upside down, topsy turvy, nerve-racking for Mommy stuff. If you don't believe me, take a look at this video:

Sunday nights are the worst for me. Even though he's only here for two nights (one and a half, really) I get used to having Matt to talk to and fall asleep listening to ELR with. After Matt leaves and the children go to bed on Sunday, there's an erie quiet in the apartment. I find myself turning on televisions and doing chores to drown it out.

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