03 August 2009

Funny People

MATT AND I SAW A MOVIE LAST SATURDAY!!! Believe it or not, this is a momentous occasion. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to a movie with my husband. And we were really pleased with Adam Sandler's new flick "Funny People." It's a semi-serious movie that revolves around the lives of comedians. "Funny People" has a great cast and includes some stellar cameo appearances - one of which was none other than our absolute fave former sit-com star, Ray Romano!

We weren't sure what to expect at first, because the Wall Street Journal gave the movie a lame review, but I thought it was a thought-provoking inside look at the famous LA life.

As we were leaving the theatre, I overheard the people behind me criticizing Sandler's choice to make a "bad" (a.k.a. not stupid-funny) movie. Then I turned around to look at them. They were fifteen, at best. So, not shocked with their review.

Anyway, the movie could have been an entire waste of time, and that would have been okay too. I was just glad to be alone with my Matty :)

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