12 August 2009

Aunt Abby's Wedding!!!

Karol and her godmother/aunt, Abby, are kindred spirits.  From their mutual love for shoes to their squeaky monkey impersonations to their matching smiles, they are truly two peas in a pod!  When I hinted to Karol that we were going home this weekend, her whole face lit up in anticipation when I mentioned seeing 'Aunt Abby.'

Since Toni had been hanging out with us in DC, she flew home with us, which meant we also got to see GeeGee for a few minutes.  They helped us get all our gear and load up into Grandpa Plomin's car for the ride home to Lafayette.  I have a feeling fetching us at the airport was the easier job, because all the ladies were putting together flower arrangements at Penny's house - a task that involved hundreds of hydrangeas, 49 vases, and spray paint! 

Patrick was super excited to see he had his very own jumperoo waiting for him at Mimu and Grandpa's house.  Unfortunately it was still in the box, but Abby and I had a fun time trying to put it together (mostly without the directions)!  By Friday morning it was ready to go, though.  

After the rehearsal we all went to one of Colin and Abby's favorite places, Nine Irish Brother's, for dinner and fun.  My arms got a bit of a break (yay!) while Karol and Patrick socialized with bridesmaids (Patrick is a lady-killer) and close friends and family.  Karol was the first to spot Matt and everyone was so excited to see him!  He got in earlier than we had expected!  

Having Matt there was a huge relief for me.  Karol had had a rough time sleeping Thursday night, but in her Daddy's comfy arms she was out all night Friday.  

Saturday was the BIG DAY.  Matt and Pat greeted the guests as they came in - check out Patrick's awesome 'do for the big event - and Karol and I waited nervously with Aunt Abby and the bridesmaids in a dark entrance at St. Tom's Church.  Since the wedding was smack in the middle of nap time, lunch and naps were helter-skelter, but luckily there were grapes for Abby where we were waiting and Karol snacked on those.  

The grapes turned out to be a pivotal part of Karol's successful trip down the aisle.  I walked Karol to her starting point, handed her a grape, pointed to Mimu (mother of the bride) and said "Mimu has more grapes.  Go!" and gave her a shove.  It must have worked, because she made it all the way to Mimu by herself. Not many flowers got distributed though, ha!  You win some, you lose some, I guess.

The kids did great at the reception dinner, and Karol chowed down on mac & cheese and chicken fingers!  

Here's Karol knockin' one back for Abby and Colin.  Don't worry, it's just sparkling grape juice!  Don't you love the cake icing all around her mouth?  Yummy cake, Penny!

By the time the band started, the kids were really ready for bed, so Matt and I took them back to the hotel where GeeGee, Nana, and Aunt Toni helped them get to sleep.  Matt and I finally made it back a little after 10pm and the place was still rockin', but we had to call it a night about an hour and a half later.  We're getting too old for this party all night stuff!  All in all, the Plomin-Fogarty nuptial was a great event - I can't wait to get my hands on the professional pictures!  I think there's going to be a video, too!  Until then, though, here's some exclusive first-on-the-web footage from the reception:

Here Colin and Abby are chatting with Fr. Patrick who co-officiated the wedding ceremony with Colin's pastor, Rev. Jeff Cover.

Colin and Abby have escaped to somewhere in Michigan, and are hopefully relaxing and have lots of nothing planned!  They have lots of unwrapping gifts and finding storage for wedding keepsakes to do when they return, so they'd better rest up!

Now for the video that probably tops all videos, Karol's flower girl debut!

Did you attend the Plomin-Fogarty wedding?  What was your favorite part???

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