28 July 2009

Flower Girl Sneak Peek!

Karol is in bed a little early tonight and Patrick's looking at me like he thinks he's Casanova. Anyway...

Here are a few shots of Karol's potential do's for Aunty Abby's wedding (in two weeks!). These five-minute up-do's are very unpolished and uncurled.

Check out the pretty headband I found to complement Karol's gorgeous flower girl dress:

With some curling iron action, this could be totally adorable!

This look says "Bride? What bride? Obviously it's all about me." Ha!

1 comment:

  1. Haha. You totally should have done the last hair style for the wedding. I love it! And she's too freakin cute. That's EXACTLY what that pic says. Haha. "Move over Aunt Abby, this event is clearly all about me." Lol. I love it. I miss being out there with you guys so much already. Text me more often sis (: Love you. Give Matt and the kids my love as well. Peace<3

    Love & God Bless,