23 July 2009

First Library Trip

Monday evening Karol, Patrick and I had a fantastic time shopping at Costco. We renewed our annual membership, took back some tea Matt decided he didn't want, restocked all our reserves, and had pizza for dinner!

On Tuesday, I was feeling pretty sick, so we stayed in. Yesterday I really wanted to take the kids out because I think it helps pass the time for them. It's better than being cooped up in the house. I wanted to take them to Chuck E. Cheese on Lori's suggestion (I thought maybe Karol was still too young for it, but apparently Sarah thinks it's awesome) but the closest one in the GPS was seven miles away, and it was rush hour. I'd been meaning to check out the library, and it was less than 2 miles away, so I decided this was our opportunity.

We headed to the Arlington County Central Library. It was an exciting adventure full of Dr. Seuss, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, and a variety of characters I've never heard of. We got four books, all due back on August 12th. I know that's not really pertinent, but if I write it enough maybe I'll actually get them back by then. Karol picked them out and ironically two of them are more on Patrick's level than hers (I'm sure she was thinking of him when she picked them). One book, Wiggle & Move, is a lyrical rhyme that tells us to wiggle and tickle the baby! Karol and I enjoy that very much, as you might imagine. I think Patrick gets a kick out of being the center of attention (for a moment) too.

When I was little and I visited the children's room of the Anderson Public Library, there was an older lady there who always seemed ticked off about being there. She was witchy looking, which didn't help her reputation any. I guess maybe there's a librarian like that at every library because there was one here too. I don't understand why these women work in the children's room! They are curt, at best, and never seem happy to be there, or to be around children. If I was able to have a cheery disposition serving fries at Wendy's for 3 years, they should darn well be able to be sweet to my kids!

So there's my little rant.

I wish I could have taken pictures of the occasion, but Matt has the only SD card for the camera. We have more, I just don't know where. So unfortunately the images of the children's first trip will forever be in my mind alone. So far, Karol's favorite thing to do at the library is to climb up on the footstool that's just over half her size and just sit there. She thinks its awesome. But they wouldn't let me check that out on my new library card.

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