27 July 2009


I'm starting to feel the squeeze.

Up until now, I've (kept up appearances that I've) been able to work full-time, go to class online, rear two children under two, keep a clean house - and my sanity. And up until the past couple of weeks that's been mostly true. In just a few days, though, I've had several new projects pop up at work, to the point that they keep interrupting each other and therefore nothing gets done. I've got a book report due at the end of the week and am praying a Cliff's Notes will get published before then. The laundry is piling up and (according to Matt) the kitchen floor is sticky (although I haven't noticed, so does it really matter?). Patrick needs to be sleep trained badly. He's getting more ornery every night. I'm sure I'm malnourishing Karol in some way, because if it requires more cooking than the microwave I pretty much don't have the energy or the time.

And on top of all that, I can't remember the last time I posted pictures, let alone printed any, which means Patrick's going to have a big gap in future family photo albums where he'll probably think I sent him away to baby boarding school.

Maybe I'm not maintaining my to-do lists and that's why I can't think straight. Maybe if I could stop thinking about work at home and home at work I'd accomplish something. Maybe I need to start working out again. Maybe I need a real vacation. Maybe I need a Mother's Helper. Maybe I need uppers!

Luckily, my sister is coming to my rescue in just a few days. My hope is that she'll bring some Mary Poppins magic with her and my apartment will be clean and my children will behave perfectly at the snap of her fingers. But mostly, it will just be nice to have a companion for a change. 

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