31 July 2009

Aunt Toni Arrives!

My sister flew into BWI yesterday evening to provide me a little bit of relief.  After a trip to CostCo and some pizza and Very Berry Sundae, Karol and Patrick were very ready for bed.  But Patrick couldn't sleep before a little cuddling with his godmother, of course!  Here's a pic she took on her phone.  Doesn't Pat look thrilled to be staying up late with Aunt Toni?

As for me, I was up late working on a paper and watching The Great Debater (Denzel Washington) with Toni.  Not a bad movie, but still one of those didactic racial-issue movies I would definitely expect to see from an Oprah/Denzel collaboration.

It made me wonder at the end of the movie: was the Harvard-Wiley debate staged for political purposes?  I know none of the history, and have no desire to research it, but I would not be surprised at all if it was a politically constructed event the way that Rosa Parks' bus move was.

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