23 June 2009

Self Medicating

With chocolate, that is. I had two handfuls of peanut M&Ms and a Snicker's today - and a giant Coke (I asked for a medium but I didn't realize today's 'medium' is yesterday's 'large'). I've gone off the deep end!

Actually, I've just hit the wall of sleep deprivation. I haven't gotten much lately, since I haven't gone to bed before midnight most nights (my fault) and since Patty-poo wakes me up a couple of times a night. And last night, Karol had a night terror again, for a solid half hour, and I always stay up and feel awful that I can't do anything to help her the whole time. I'm having a hard time distinguishing 'night terror' from 'demon possession,' so I say a few prayers just in case. Invariably, she woke up this morning much more pleasant than usual!

So, all that left me feeling more than a little run-down today. I'm planning to go to bed with the kids tonight, I think. I'd really like to take advantage of the sun and go to the playground with them, but I don't know if I have that kind of energy right now.

Only four days til the weekend...

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