23 June 2009


Matt left Friday for Turkey. It's almost 10pm here now, which means it's like 5am there. Surprisingly we've already talked a couple of times, but we're trying not to do too much phone since it's super expensive.

The kids are doing really well. Karol hasn't really noticed yet that Matt hasn't been home, but at the mere mention of him her face lights up and she gives a breathy "Daddy!" It's so cute. We were hoping to be able to skype, but I guess Matt's internet connection is pretty bad at the hotel they are at. Maybe it's just as well. Whenever we skype with Daddy or Granny, Karol thinks that all she has to do is open the computer and they will just be there, whenever she wants. Then she's disappointed when they aren't.

We actually are doing pretty good so far. I haven't lost my mind yet, so that's great, as far as I can tell. We went to the Reston Zoo today, which was GREAT. I was totally prepared. I brought the Baby Bjorn, Karol's monkey leash, the double stroller (which I had to rearrange the entire car to do -- we need an SUV ASAP), the directions to the Zoo, an entire lunch, shoes and socks, in case Karol's sandals rubbed her feet raw...I brought everything we could possibly need, and then left the camera sitting on the kitchen table. I really wanted to kick myself for that. Arg! But the zoo was so awesome I would mind going back soon to recreate the experience and get a few pics to share with you all.

I would normally stay up pretty late on a Saturday night, but that's pretty depressing to do all by myself, so I think I'll head off to bed. I have one more assignment to do for this week (started a new class this week) and then it's lights out.

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