23 June 2009

Big Girl

Big Girl. This is a term Matt and I have been using a lot recently, especially as we pull out her old baby toys or buy new ones for Patrick. "You don't fit in your exer-saucer anymore, sweetie, it's for Patrick. You're a Big Girl now! You have Big Girl toys."

I'm kind of hesitant to use the term 'Big Girl,' because I'm really not ready to accept it myself. I honestly can NOT believe how much Karol has grown; that she's mastered even the big curly slide at the playground; that she can take a bath using the entire tub; that she can put on her own shoes; how much she can say and understand; how she can express what's really on her mind.

I'm definitely digging my heels into the ground with Patrick. He's developing so differently from Karol, it's really fun to watch him grow. We thought that since we had one baby already we knew pretty much how it was going to go, but Patrick has really changed it up, and I'm glad he did. He is very much his own little person. But, he's physically developing very fast. I think he will crawl much sooner than Karol. And since he's been 'big' since he was born, it's going to be harder to keep him my little baby forever.

Matt and I are trying to drink in as much of the youth as possible, and this weekend was no exception. We had a great time going to the farmer's market, the playground, Joe & Judy's, Church, and strolling around Clarendon for most of Sunday. We didn't waste any of the beautiful weather. In fact, we're probably going to spend some time this afternoon on the roof of our building where there's a pool and an amazing view of DC.

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